Nehemiah One Million Prayer Petition Campaign

A Dream follewed by Hope 2018/02/07 (01:51) Views(1208) Yujun

Hello my siblings from the same father in heavenly, Here is Yujun from Brazil


I'd Like to say I'm praying for your country and for you, 

I really can't imagine which giants you are facing in North Korea, 

But I know Jesus our Father is with you, I hope He might bring confort, a hope

and the main SALVATION for that country. 

The title which I write above is related and full of new expectations, 

One day, If God bless, we can have a oportunity to gathered together and share 

about freedom, faith and what the cross of Jesus Christ made for us, maybe in North korea.

in name of Jesus, I pray to the Holy Spirit to protect you and give strenght to gain souls and more souls for 

Jesus and preach his gospel around there.

well, I have a dream and this one is followed by hope, I trust God will send me soon to the nations, and I hope 

this one can be NK or China, I'll be blessed and I will give my best when that day comes.

Sorry, Because we have freedom here and you don't, It is so unfair, God will help with everything you need, 

keep believin' your prize God is guarding in heaven,


with Love,